Banner Advertising

Advertise your business or product on from as little as £8.00 per week. We offer 3 types of banner advertisment and ads are displayed site-wide. Types of banner and pricing are as follows:

468 x 60 banner.

4 weeks: £48.00 (only £12.00/week!)
3 months: £130.00 (only £10.83/week)
6 months: £220.00 (only £9.16/week)

125 x 125 square.

4 weeks: £32.00 (only £8.00/week!)
3 months: £80.00 (only £6.66/week)
6 months £145.00 (only £6.04/week)

180 x 150 banner.

4 weeks: £42.00 (only £10.50/week!)
3 months: £105.00 (only £8.75/week)
6 months: £185.00 (only £7.71/week)

Contact Ride Trader for further details or to place your advertisment order.

Not got a suitable banner ad to use? No problem, we can create a great looking banner to advertise your company for a small fee (£10-£15).

Important note: we only accept advertising orders from reputable companies associated with, or of interest to the motorcycle industry. Any advertisments we feel would not be of value to our site users will not be accepted.

Banner Advertising on Ride Trader UK - FAQ:

Is there a charge for a certain number of clicks or impressions (impressions = how often the ad is shown)?

No, we offer a simple, straighforward flat rate fee, if you pay for 3 months advertising, your ad is displayed on the site for 3 months, no additional fees apply no matter how often the ad is shown or clicked.

Do you log clicks and impressions so I can see how popular my ad is?

We log all clicks against each advertisment and this data will be made available to you so you can see how many times it is clicked within a certain period. Impressions are not logged .

I do not have my own banner ad graphic, how do I get one produced?

We can create a banner for your business or product if you do not have one of your own. The fee for this is normally around £10-15 and the graphic is then yours to take away and use elsewhere once produced (Note we only offer this price to companies taking out advertising on our site, we dont offer a £10 banner production service for non-advertisers!) .

How do I pay for my advertisment?

We accept payment either via UK cheque or securely via Paypal.

I'm interested in placing a banner on a certain area of the site, can I choose what location it is placed in or target a single location only?

Yes, please contact us with any enquiries using either the contact link at the top of this page or phone Paul on 07495 733525.

Can I change my banner graphic mid-way through an advertising contract?

Certainly, just send us the updated graphic and we'll change it.

What format graphics do you accept?

We accept JPEG and GIF format images in the sizes stated above. We do NOT accept Flash on our site. We may accept animated GIF images if they are tasteful enough.

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