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Got any questions about the site or selling your bike in general? Check the questions below, if your particular question is not answered then feel free to contact Paul at Ride Trader.

Yes, advertising a motorcycle, trike or quad bike for sale is completely free. The site is supported by commercial ads that appear occasionally amongst the bike ads. Like many other sites though, we dont pepper the entire site with millions of ads or constantly try and sell you insurance/loans etc. I'm a biker myself and primarily produced this site as a service to other bikers having been hit hard in the pocket when trying to sell my own bikes in the past.
Ads are vetted by admin before being approved to be publically viewable. This is to ensure that all ads that appear on the site are for bikes and to prevent spammers posting advertisments for their dubious products.
Check the email didn't go into your spam or junk mail folder. Most emails get through ok but some providers such as Yahoo can bounce the mail back without delivering it to you. In this case, either register using a different address (Gmail etc) or contact us and we'll manually activate your account.
Yep, for selling tips, how to word your ad and how to avoid some common scams, click here. Click here for tips on how to write a good motorcycle advertisment.
Your email address is never viewable by other site users. The contact form that buyers use to send you questions about your bike does not show your email address. We do not recommend that you include your email address within the ad's body text, just a phone number.
Yes, Traders are permitted to post as long as they identify themselves as a Trader during registration. Motorcycle dealers & traders have additional options available to them within their 'My Account' area, click here for details.

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